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Respecting The Planet

Inverse Square collaborates with companies who share our philosophy to protect the environment, and pass on a cleaner planet for future generations.

By becoming more energy efficient, sourcing fewer materials, and therefore generating less waste, our partners perform without compromising quality, ultimately helping break the cycle of consumption.

Sustainability isn't just a passing phenomenon for us, it's an attitude!

It's Who We Are

As our contemporary lighting fixtures portfolio of design-led brands has grown, we aim to ensure the sustainabilty credentials of all remain true.

With extensive knowledge of the lighting industry Inverse Square source only the best LED fixtures based on the quality of light output, energy efficiency, and build design processes.

Environment, People and Society. It's Who We Are.

I want my MTV

Paul Barham is a former TV Lighting Director and the founder of Inverse Square.

"I was fortunate enough to 'have my MTV' as well as VH1 throughout the nineties and noughties in my role as Senior Lighting Director with both music channels.

Filming A-list bands, actors and celebrities day to day was certainly an unforgettable part of my journey that led to many other opportunities lighting a diverse range of cookery, sports, children's productions and chat shows.

Forming Inverse Square felt like a natural progression given my passion for quality lighting products, and a desire to share those with you, the customer."

Paul Barham