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About Us

Contemporary lighting for the 21st century

We supply statement contemporary lighting fixtures throughout the UK and Europe.

Founded by a former Television Lighting Director, we understand the lighting challenges of design projects. Is the piece’s physical size proportional to the space? Is the aim to cast distinctive shadows on nearby walls? Or radiate a soft, even illumination?

We offer lighting collections by stunning leading brands and exciting, new global designers.

Lights, camera, action!

Our founder Paul Barham has taken a star-studded path to the world of contemporary lighting:

”I’ve always been fascinated by the transformative power of lighting. I first discovered its impact through photography. After gaining my degree in Photography, Film & TV, I found myself thrown in at the deep end with MTV in London, UK. It was not as a cameraman, as I’d originally envisaged, but as their Lighting Director. I am very thankful it worked out that way.

During the 1990s and 2000s I was the Senior Lighting Director for cult classics MTV’s Most Wanted and 120 Minutes. Through this, I was lucky enough to work with, and on occasions meet, such diverse acts as INXS to Iron Maiden, Spiritualized to Sonic Youth. Great times!

In 1994 MTV launched its sister channel VH1. It was at this point that I co-founded a company to source all their lighting requirements. The business evolved quickly. We hired out our own ‘intelligent moving lights’ to MTV and other productions such as Would I Lie to You?, 8 Out Of 10 Cats and music-based shows The Pepsi Chart Show and T4.

When MTV and VH1 closed their UK studio doors in 2011, I continued to freelance whilst also expanding my property portfolio. This is when the idea for Inverse Square Lighting first began to take shape.

We started trading in 2018 and honestly haven’t looked back. I love using my dual experiences in both TV and property development to find stunning lighting fixtures which perform brilliantly. Please keep an eye out for the ‘Note from the Founder’ section sprinkled throughout the product pages. These are where I share my insights, and offer you further inspiration.”

- Paul Barham (founder)

Respecting the planet

We aim to partner with companies who share our goals to protect the environment, and pass on a cleaner planet for future generations.

One of the first brands to join us was Graypants. Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, their unique hand-crafted Scraplights are fashioned from custom FSC-certified paper. This means they are produced from forests that replant more trees than they harvest.

It is this ethos that initially attracted us to them. As our contemporary light fixtures portfolio of designer-led luxury brands has grown, we ensure eco-friendly credentials remain at its core.

What’s in a name?

Curious about where our name comes from? In physics, the Inverse Square Law explains:

  • why light is brighter when its source is placed closer to a subject
  • and why that brightness diminishes as you move the source further away

It provides a mathematical equation to calculate the amount of light gained or lost by moving the light source a particular distance. “In my career as a TV Lighting Director I used the Inverse Square Law on a daily basis. I’ve always liked the quirkiness of the two words next to each other. Given the many original shapes available in contemporary lighting pieces, Inverse Square Lighting was the perfect name for our company.” – Paul Barham (Founder)

Browse our contemporary lighting collection

Whether you’re illuminating an indoor space or need an outdoor lighting solution, our contemporary lighting fixtures provide both style and substance.