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In a Galaxy far far away

Anchored in Seattle and Amsterdam, Graypants’ bold creativity leads to a collection of diverse lighting, architecture, and simply beautiful objects.

Their signature Scraplights are just one example of Graypants' environmentally friendly mindset, with deep seated sustainabilty production at the core.

Why not create your own celestial galaxy of Moon Scraplights, as this bar has done, encompassing different sized globes for the ultimate cosy vibe.

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Inspired by Nature

Scraplights come in all shapes and sizes, and two finishes, honeycomb Natural, and ethereal White.

Hive and Nest shaped pendants are a nod towards the homes of bees and wasps, and small Moon spheres grow in stature until you reach the colossus of Arcturus at 163cm diameter!

All pendants are laser-cut and handcrafted from custom FSC-certified paper, meaning it comes from forests which replant more trees than they harvest.

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VIDEO: Introducing the unique recycled cardboard Scraplights Collection

Tubular Bells

The elements come into play with Roest tubular lighting pendants. Three finishes of Rust, Rust and Zinc, and Zinc (Pictured) can be hung in clusters to create a dynamic look over a table or kitchen island.

The pioneers of laminated cardboard pendants and uniquely handcrafted architectural lighting have something new up their sleeves. In their first outside collaboration, Graypants’ teamed up with Dutch designer VanJoost to expand on their curiosities and explorations into the world of lighting.

The collaboration with VanJoost highlights Graypants unique fascination with nature and material research. By combining these two principals, they were able to create a truly unique aesthetic to enhance the world of lighting.

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Cappuchino anyone?

Inspired by tried and true handcrafting techniques, the Kerflights series is precision built to accommodate any situation.

Durable powder coated steel wire frames provide a distinct shape and character for each lamp. The shades are crafted from FSC-certified high quality plywood with a unique kerf pattern cut into the panels allowing for intriguing patterns to be cast onto walls and table surfaces.

The magic in the Kerflights series lies within the flexibility of the design. The shade panels are swappable and reversible, allowing for future possibilities over their long lives.

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