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EcoSmart Fire

Bioethanol fuelled fire furniture for both home & garden

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At Inverse Square Lighting we curate an expansive catalogue of premium lighting, and lighting related products, by partnering with global brands that have environmentally friendly values at their core.

Explore our featured collection by GANTlights who not only source local materials, but also employ regional artisans to reduce their carbon footprint.

Concrete & Copper

Concrete, Metal, Marble and Wood fusions handmade in Berlin

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Be Sustainable

Laser-cut Scraplights by GRAYPANTS are handcrafted from recycled cardboard, and perfect in the celestial formation below. A dynamic visual that evokes an ethereal glow. Simple, yet effective.


Moon Scraplights

Roest Pendants

Iron, Oxygen, Water, Time...


Ausi Scraplights