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Jewellery for the home

At Inverse Square we curate an expansive portfolio of designer lighting, and lighting related products, by fusing companies that have environmentally friendly values and processes at their core.

Sustainability isn't just a passing phenomenon for us, it's an attitude, mirrored by our partners.

'Here Comes The Sun' pendant clusters offer a classic taste of retro 70's chic, with an air of sophistication via Parisian based, DCW editions.

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EcoSmart Fire

Award-winning partner EcoSmart Fire are the UK's premier manufacturer of bioethanol fire furniture.

With roots in Australia, their sustainable fires are now sold in over seventy countries worldwide.

Offering unprecedented choice, with over 90% efficiency, EcoSmart Fire are also the go to choice of International hotels and restaurants.

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Discover our bar pendant light collection by German innovators GANTlights.

GANTlights products are now found all around the world, but they are manufactured entirely in Germany, from the smallest component to the packaging.

Stefan Gant's team forms a dense network of local artisans and workshops keeping transport routes short, helping to protect the environment, and directly supporting local businesses in Berlin.

Handcrafted from concrete, metal and upcycled wood, their signature C-Series bar pendants uplift rooms into spaces that are both timeless and elegant.

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QLOCKTWO® present the 'time in words' via 110 seemingly random LED characters that spell out the time in five minute increments. Four corner LED's then illuminate one by one clockwise to denote the minutes in between.

Handmade to the highest quality standards, designers Biegert and Funk cogitate the theme of time, their eclectic works of art bridging the gap between traditional horology craftsmanship, and modern sustainable production processes.

English apart, every QLOCKTWO® is a master of over twenty languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arabic and even Japanese!