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No Hands, No Numbers

Whilst the best ideas are arguably always the simplest ones, the concept of all QLOCKTWO® clocks takes the premise of displaying 'the time in words' and elevates that to a new level.

The four corner LED's illuminate one by one clockwise denoting the minutes in between each five minute segment.

English apart, every QLOCKTWO® is a master of over twenty languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and even Japanese! A truly global clock that will turn heads, wherever you reside.

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Creator's Edition

The curators of QLOCKTWO®, Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk, have sought to utilise a diverse collection of textiles that capture the imagination.

Every front cover of a QLOCKTWO® Creator's Edition is enhanced by an elaborate production process, individually laser numbered and signed, giving each timepiece it's own special identity.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

The QLOCKTWO CLASSIC, and LARGE square up at 45 x 45cm, and an imposing 90 x 90cm respectively. Next up, QLOCKTWO TOUCH (Pictured) delivers via a compact 13.5 x 13.5cm desktop version, with alarm function. The QLOCKTWO 'W' rounds out the collection with stylish Men's and Women's wristwatches.

Which size QLOCKTWO® fits your space best?

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VIDEO: Explore the uncompromising world of the QLOCKTWO® Creator's Edition now in eight very dynamic liveries. Silver & Gold, Rust, Vintage Copper, Raw Iron, Gold, Metamorphite, Platinum & Glintscape.


90cm x 90cm