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Classic Stainless Steel Wall Clock

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The QLOCKTWO® CLASSIC Steel Wall Clocks 45 x 45 cm makes you stop and look at time in a different way.

The typographic font combines the moment with the written word and makes a statement: “IT IS QUARTER PAST SEVEN.” The words change in five minute increments, with four small illuminated corner points displaying the minutes in between. QLOCKTWO CLASSIC appears to float elegantly when wall mounted and if the power connection is visible a coloured textile cable can be added for an additional design element.

The front cover, is held in place by magnets, making it easily changed at any time. Sensors adjust the light automatically to ambient light conditions so that even at night the clock can be easily read. Also, there is an option for manual brightness adjustment. QLOCKTWO CLASSIC is available in more than 20 languages.

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This is just one of the typographic clock designs within the iconic QLOCKTWO range.