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Stix Fire Pit


Stix is a clean burning interpretation of a classic campfire that is stylish enough to be used indoors and strong enough to withstand the elements outdoors.

Colour: Black

Made of stainless steel and available in either brushed stainless steel or powder-coated black steel finishes, the Stix fire pit has an ethanol burner at its core that burns a bright orange flame without producing any smoke, soot, or ash. Stix gives you all the benefits of a fire without any of the mess anytime, anywhere.

Fully portable with no need for a utility connection, effortlessly set up and easily repositioned, Stix's bright flame will keep you captivated as well as comfortable for over 8 hours.

The Stix fire pit comes with accessories to ensure its safe operation, including:

  • Fire lighter
  • Jerry can 5L
  • Butane
  • Black glass charcoal
  • Bottle adaptor
  • Lighting rod
  • Jerry Can Spout Extension
  • L 557mm (21.9 inches)
  • W 556mm (21.9 inches)
  • H 780mm (30.7 inches)
  • Weight: 14kg (30.86lb)
  • Application: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Materials: Stainless Steel Grade 304
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.5 Litres (0.7 Gallons)
  • Fuel Efficiency: 8-11 hours per 2.5 litres
  • Minimum Room Size: 40m³ (1413ft³) per fireplace
  • Heats on average: 20m² (215ft²)

EcoSmart Fire’s when fuelled by e-NRG Bioethanol are the single, most eco-friendly fires available today.

  • Burning bioethanol fuel creates a beautiful orange flame that is simply mesmerising.
  • Specifically formulated for use in ventless ethanol fires - your comfort first.
  • Lose the chimney and the flue and keep the heat in - no smoke, no soot, no ash.

Check out our bioethanol fuel packages.

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